Gemini II - 사운드캣


모든 음악은 사운드캣으로 통한다

Gemini II



Resolution “with the sheer quality of sound the Gemini produces

[it’s] another triumph for SE.

SOS “Fantastic for placing your vocals right at the front of the mix…

[it will] impress the hell out of your clients”

Mixdown (Australia) “I don’t usually get excited that much about microphones,

but this one made me really stand up and take notice”

Performing Songwriter “The Gemini will impress anyone who comes to sing or play into it”
Resolution “It’s an impressive looking beast to put on the end of a microphone stand… SE’s engineers have been brave and resourceful, [and] in doing so they’ve come up with a very respectable microphone that has a sound all of its own; sufficiently different and impressive in sound as well as appearance to justify its price point.”